Frequently Asked questions

Here You will find some of the most asked questions related to Netgear Devices.

Can I change the username "admin" of the router?

No, it cannot be changed.

Do NETGEAR home wifi routers support SNMP?

No, none of the Netgear home wifi routers support SNMP.

Do home routers support subnetted WAN IP?

Yes, but only by using IP addresses.

How to Reset NETGEAR WiFi router ?

You can reset your netgear wifi router using a paperclip.

How many port forwarding entries for home routers?

Your device is allowed to keep 64 entries, for older router it is 20 entries.

Can i upgrade NETGEAR router firmware using Netgear Genie?

Yes, you can click on the firmware upgrade message on your netgear genie app.